Introduction to Cormax TS

Cormax TS is the world leader in ballistic training equipment. With Cormax TS, athletes can perform the CORe Olympic lifts with MAXimum safety and intensity, hence where the name CORMAX was developed.

History of Cormax TS

Cormax TS began as CORMAX in the early 1980s when Dave Karlstrom, founder and president, began developing, manufacturing and selling free-weight equipment to college and high schools. Following his passion to deliver high-quality, effective training to all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Dave worked on inventing a new type of hydraulic cylinder. This innovative cylinder created resistance in only one direction, therefore allowing athletes to propel weight against the full force of gravity while controlling its rate of fall down.

In the early 1990s, Dave was joined by his brother, Kent, to officially form CORMAX and create the equipment using this newfound technology. After years of rigorous prototypes and testing, the Karlstrom brothers were finally awarded a patent for their CORMAX Safety Cylinder.

Due to the success of the CORMAX Safety Cylinder, the Karlstrom brothers shifted their focus from running the large family farm to opening a local training center, where they could test their equipment on a variety of clientele. The brothers used this new facility to develop training programs designed to maximize the effectiveness of the CORMAX equipment.

Recently, the CORMAX name was changed to Cormax Training Systems (TS for short) in order set us apart from other products with the Cormax name. Our team thought it was necessary to have a unique name for our one-of-a-kind product. Today, you can find Cormax TS in gyms and training centers throughout the United States and the world, ranging from start up gyms to professional programs such as the Indianapolis Colt and Chicago Bears.