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by Jon Hinrichs - Former Director of PT/OT at Red River Sports Medicine/Hawley High School Coach on Cormax Training Systems
Cormax Training Systems

Coaches and athletes are constantly searching for methods to gain a competitive advantage. Individuals who work with these people should be committed to optimizing athletic performance and reducing the potential for injury through comprehensive training programs that improve core strength and balance, increase explosive power, and enhance agility and speed in the sport of your choice. As a coach with a degree in Exercise Physiology, I have seen a wide variety of programs and equipment used to take athletes to that next level. Of all the equipment I have worked with, Cormax TS, by far, surpasses the competition for safely training athletes while still developing the explosiveness that is desired. A number of our athletes have seen marked improvements in power and conditioning while working with these machines and the protocols that are designed for them. The ability of the Cormax TS equipment to measure real-time power output makes it ideal for power training and rehabilitation programs as well. The Cormax TS program is designed not only to develop an athlete's physical potential, but to provide fitness education that teaches an athlete how and why to perform certain exercises. Cormax TS has developed unique training plans where instructors work with the athletes both individually and as a group to develop and maintain the proper technique for every exercise. In this way, athletes not only build strength and confidence, but gain knowledge that helps create the foundation of athletic success. Their dedicated professional instructors can assist you in optimizing your athletic performance before, during and after the season.

Cormax Training Systems

My name is Richard Howell and I am the assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts. We have been using Cormax TS for the past three years. Cormax TS is a safe and efficient way for us to do explosive power movements. Our players love using the equipment and challenge each other consistently with the aid of the electronics. Cormax TS is an important part of our program. Our guys bought right into using the equipment because we were able to instruct them and set up protocols that were appropriate and challenging. Dave reduced trial and error time by coming out and giving us hands on help in teaching the various exercises and understanding the electronics. We were then able to quickly use the equipment to meet our needs and achieve our goals. That help in preparing my staff and I to use the equipment was invaluable.

Cormax Training Systems

We were looking for a way to train ballistically for maximizing power output. We experimented with throwing medicine balls and sandbags but it was difficult to find the proper amount of weight and make the resistance manageable. We contemplated throwing free weights but a "safe landing" was questionable. Cormax TS was the answer to our training needs. We can now press at all angles, squat-jump and jerk safely. The machines can be loaded to the proper training percentages and are an efficient way to train athletes at all levels.